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Appliances that repeatedly blow fuses or trip circuit breakers should be unplugged and repaired or replaced. In addition, appliances that shock you should also be unplugged and repaired or replaced.
A flickering light could be a symptom of several problems. This should be checked. It could be a loose connection in the circuit. It could also be a problem outside your house especially if all the lights in the house seem to be flickering. In any case like this it’s best to not use the lights and call a licensed electrician to check it out.
GFI outlets are required on the exterior of your home as well as in garages, unfinished basements, kitchens, baths, pools, or any location that is near a water source or in a damp location.
Check the receptacle if it is a GFI it may be tripped. These are the receptacles with a reset button on them. The receptacle may need to be reset.

These signs should be taken seriously because they indicate the presence of overloaded circuits, which can lead to electrical fires.

  • Recurring problems with blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers
  • Flickering lights
  • A burning smell or unusual odor near appliances or wiring
  • A sizzling sound at wall switches or outlets
  • Appliances that deliver a slight shock when touched

This is usually a sign of a neutral wire that has lost its connection. Especially, if when one light is turned on and another gets brighter or dimmer. If the whole structure is affected, it is most likely at the service point.

A conductor, hot or neutral, does not have a complete connection but is connected enough to allow a small amount of voltage to pass through. In this case, there most likely is arcing happening. If the whole structure is affected. It is most likely at the service point.

The state board of contractors does not regulate unlicensed electricians. It is illegal for them to provide labor and materials in excess of $500 per project. They are not subject to laws designed to protect consumers and do not have insurance-exposing consumers to considerable financial risk. Also, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damages associated with unlicensed contractors.
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