Parking Lot LED Lighting Upgrade


Let Fullerton Electric upgrade existing Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium (Dingy Yellow Lights), and Fluorescent lighting at your properties to LED. Time tested and proven, LED lighting is the one of the best investments available for your property.

Fullerton Electric can perform a comprehensive energy and cost audit, including previous and future maintenance costs, and the provide detailed financial summary of existing vs. proposed lighting systems.

Let us do all the utility incentive paperwork. We provide utility incentives and take the incentive amount off the top of the project cost. It is an automatic discount!

Project Overview

  • Parking Lot – Los Angeles
  • Fixture Count: 178
  • Remove 290 Watt Metal Halide
  • Install 65 Watt LED

Reduction in Lighting Costs:
80% (225 Watt per fixture)

  • Old Fixtures = 56,620 Watts
  • New Fixtures =11,570 Watts

Final Customer Savings:
Over $30,000 per year in utility and maintenance costs!

LED Upgrades

Motion Sensor Fixture Upgrade


Fixtures not controlled by motion sensors will remain lit whether the space is occupied or not.

Fullerton Electric’s experienced Orange County electricians installed “smart” controls on your new fixtures that illuminate instantly when the space around them is occupied.

This will reduce energy costs in lighting spaces that are not being utilized.

Installation can be done in office spaces or warehouses:

  • bathrooms, break rooms, copy rooms
  • racking systems, storage areas, etc.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable electricians about your project and get a free quote today!

Project Overview

  • Remove 55 400W HID Fixtures
  • Install 55 T5 High Bay 4 Lamp
  • Replacements with Motion Control

Total Cost of Project: $18,600.00
Less Rebate: $6,600.00

  • 55 fixtures @ $120.00 per fixture

Final Customer Cost: $12,000.00
Instant Savings: 36%

Reduction in Lighting Costs: 47%

  • Old Fixtures = 22000 Watts
  • New Fixtures =11880 Watts

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