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Electrical panels are an integral part in a property’s electrical system. Not only do they distribute power throughout your property, they are your first line of defense in ensuring safety and preventing potential hazards such as overloads, short circuits, and electrical fires. Recently there has been a strong push from insurance companies to replace outdated panels – specifically from companies like Zinsco, Federal Pacific, and Pushmatic – and others, whose breakers and panels have been recalled for safety concerns. Below are images of the breakers that insurance companies have deemed high-risk.

new pannels

High Risk Electrical Components

Below are some of the breakers that insurance companies are on the look
out for since they have been recalled.

Zinsco Breaker Replacement


Pushmatic Breaker Replacement


Federal Pacific Breaker

Federal Pacific

Why is my insurance company concerned with my property’s electrical panel?

These high risk panels have been linked to malfunctions that can cause electrical fires, raising the likelihood of property damage or injury. Insurance companies assess risk when issuing policies, and properties with such panels represent higher risks, potentially leading to difficulties in obtaining coverage or higher premiums. Upgrading to a safer electrical system can alleviate these concerns, making it easier to secure insurance coverage and possibly reduce premiums.

reacall breaker replacement
new pannels

What can I do if I run into an issue with my insurance company?

In the event your insurance company inquires about your electrical panels, please contact Fullerton Electric to consult on all of your electrical needs. We will help to audit your current electrical panels, provide solutions, and if needed, replace electrical panels and wiring.

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